nba下注官网:BBC News – South Korea is a very traditional society which is changing rapidly. It has moved from a dirt poor, agricultural country to one of the worlds most prosperous industrial societies in a few decades, a process which took Europe more than a century.BBC新闻 – 韩国是个日新月异却十分传统的社会。几十年间,它从一个赤贫的农业国家发展出了世界最兴旺的工业社会之一,这个进程,用了欧洲一个多世纪。Hence, there are contradictions: South Korean women are highly groomed and made-up. They meet conventional male expectations. Plastic surgery is routine. Old attitudes and expectations clash with new ones.因此,就产生了对立:韩国女性仪容干净,妆容精美。


South Korean feminist groups are unanimous in criticising the entertainment industry for what they say is the over-sexualisation of young girls (lolitafication), particularly in K-Pop groups.韩国女权的组织在抨击它们所谓的娱乐业,尤其是韩流团体中年长女孩过度性感化(洛丽塔化)时是完全一致的。Megalia is one of the feminist groups confronting what its members say is hypocrisy. For example, the group highlights, very publicly, the practice of some Korean men having affairs with prostitutes while on business trips abroad.麦格利亚是敢于付出代价其成员所说的虚伪不道德的女权的组织之一。例如,该的组织十分公开发表地透露过一些韩国男人在国外公干时与妓女有染的作法。In the United States, there have been allegations that gaming is played sometimes by men who exhibit a deep and aggressive sexism. That sexism feeds off images of sexually exaggerated women on screen.在美国,仍然有指控称之为游戏有时是那些展现出出有很深的保守的性别歧视的男人在玩。

这种性别歧视宿主在屏幕上“性滑稽”的女性形象上。The thought that one of the characters in the Korean game Closers should be voiced by someone who might wear a T-shirt with a feminist slogan was just too much for some. The company agreed. The actress voice will not be heard in the game. In the real world, though, silencing feminist voices is harder.那种指出韩国游戏“封印者”中的角色之一应该由某个穿著印上女权主义口号的T恤的人来配音的点子,对某些人来说真是无法忍受。游戏开发公司表示同意了。