nba下注官网-研究人员表示 WiFi或将从人们的生活中消失


nba下注官网|According to Bloomberg, consumers wont need to log on to a Wi-Fi network to avoid costly mobile data overage charges when carriers start rolling out unlimited data plans.据彭博社报导,随着运营商争相开始发售无限流量套餐,未来消费者将仍然必须指定Wi-Fi来防止便宜的流量酬劳了。And thats a critical change that threatens to render Wi-Fi obsolete.这一根本性变化可能会促成Wi-Fi解散历史舞台。Tim Farrar, founder of Telecom Media Finance Associates said You could see a big switch. Your coffee shops may be less compelled to provide Wi-Fi for you now.电信媒体财务有限公司的创始人蒂姆·法勒回应:“你可能会看见一个极大的改变,自己常常流连的咖啡店有可能仍然那么迫切需要为顾客获取Wi-Fi了。


”In an all-data-you-can-eat world, consumers use of Wi-Fi at public places like stadiums and airports will drop to a third of all mobile data traffic from about half, Farrar estimates.据法勒估算,在各有不同流量的世界里,消费者在体育馆和机场这类公共场所用于Wi-Fi所占到的移动流量比例将从1/2降到1/3。This means businesses not upgrading public access Wi-Fi as often. Smartphone users might not even turn on their Wi-Fi capability, according to Barry Gilbert, an analyst at researcher Strategy Analytics.在Strategy Analytics研究公司供职的分析师巴里·基尔伯特回应,这意味著企业将会再行频密升级公共WiFi,而智能手机的用户甚至可能会仍然关上WiFi。The erosion of Wi-Fis influence is likely to be slow and uneven. While unlimited data plans make the technology less necessary for phones, many home devices, from a MacBook to an Amazon Echo, still use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.不过Wi-Fi影响力的消失很有可能是一个较慢而崎岖不平的过程,因为虽然无限流量套餐让Wi-Fi对手机可有可无,但许多家用设备,从MacBook到Amazon Echo,还是必须通过Wi-Fi来相连网络。


Wi-Fi also helps fill in gaps in some office buildings and homes that have spotty cellphone coverage.而在一些手机信号不佳的办公楼和家庭住宅,仍必须Wi-Fi来填补空白。Wi-Fi has consistently stayed ahead in terms of performance and its ability to move large amounts of data, said Kevin Robinson, vice president of marketing for the Wi-Fi Alliance, a consortium of more than 700 companies, including Apple, Samsung, LG Electronics, Intel and Qualcomm.Wi-Fi联盟的成员还包括苹果、三星、LG电子、英特尔公司和高通公司等700多家企业,该联盟市场部副总裁凯文·罗宾森回应:“在性能和大规模数据传输能力方面,Wi-Fi一直是更胜一筹。

”The market is going to decide which technology provides the best capabilities for the end user. To displace a technology like Wi-Fi is likely very optimistic.“究竟哪种技术能为终端用户获取最差的服务还得看市场的自由选择。不过要想要代替Wi-Fi这样的技术有可能还是过于过悲观了。【nba下注官网】。